Francesco Lantino was born in 1960 in Acate (Italy), where he lives and teaches, but he often travels around the world to take photos.
He began taking photos in 1974. Observing and studying the great masters of photography, he has developed a personal way to see, imagine and represent the reality.
In taking photos he prefers to search for some expressive moments drawn from everyday reality derived from human nature with the presence of the wonderful way that each person has. He also produces pictures of urban and extra-urban landscapes with a balanced representation of architectures and open spaces.
He has partecipated in different workshops, meetings and seminars with some of the great masters of photography, including Magnum Photos photographers Ferdinando Scianna, Mark Power and Martin Parr, Annie Leibovitz, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Mario Cresci, Nino Migliori, Francesco Radino, Enzo Carli.
He has collaborated with several photographic associations by conducting meetings about Street Photography and History and Theory of Photography.



2019 - Best Author for the project "La Città Ideale di Leonardo" at the Trieste Photo Days 2019

2016 - Prize "Granello Rosso 2016"

2015 - Honorable Mention at the Reading Portfolio "Etna Photo Meeting".

2015 - Second Prize at the Reading Portfolio "TrapanInPhoto".

2015 - Second Prize at the Reading Portfolio "Fowa-FIAF" in Fowa Photo Tour - Catania.

2014 - Award Show for the next "Etna Photo Meeting".

2014 - Third Prize at the National Reading Portfolio "Mediterraneum 2014" at the "Med Photo Fest".

2012 - Prize "for having best represented the 150th anniversary of the Unity of Italy".



2019 Trieste

2017 - Catania, Acate, Vittoria, Valverde

2016 - Favara, Noto, Ragusa, Mascalucia, Vittoria

2015 - Catania, Caltagirone, Catania, Viagrande, Caltanissetta, Comiso, Acate

2014 - Vittoria, Chiaramonte Gulfi, Acate, Caltagirone

2013 - Vittoria, Gela 

2012 - Acate

2011 - Vittoria, Acate




       Published by Photo Graphia - Paruzzo Editore (1st edition 2015)

       Text and images © Francesco Lantino

       Graphic design © Santo Eduardo di Miceli

       40 Pages - ISBN 978-88-6149-089-5



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